Virgin Islands Shopping – St Thomas

Beside immaculate sea shores, best ocean side bars and the laidback tropical energy, St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands is likewise known for extraordinary shopping valuable open doors. Obligation free shops, trinket stores and name-brand stores; and so on, you got it. Assuming that you at any point get around St. Thomas on your next Virgin Islands trip, these are most certainly the spots to do best purchase shopping.

Charlotte Amalie Central avenues

Charlotte Amalie has the best thickness of stores in all of the USVI, and that implies more chances to get yourself something pleasant – and perhaps more. Central avenues like, Dronningens Gade (appropriately named as Central avenue), Backstreet, and Waterfront are undeniably packed with shops, so does the rear entryways that interface them. Most foundations are gotten comfortable verifiable structures, which permit you to save time by gathering shopping and site-finding in one excursion.

In the middle between shopping, you can eat in little cafés and bars situated along this clamoring shopping region. Shops and stores open at 9am and shuts down at 5pm, from Mondays to Saturday. While the greater part of them shut down at 1pm on Sundays, some could remain open up until 3 pm, contingent upon ships mooring at port.

Merchant’s Court

Merchant’s Court, situated across the Liberation Park and Post Christian in Charlotte Amalie, is a scene for little stalls, tables and tents selling an assortment of keepsake things. Assuming you’re searching for silver gems, skirts, dresses, shirts, impersonation packs and watches, this is the spot to catch up with. Pate and frozen yogurt stands are likewise accessible to give rewards to customers starving and parched from a day of trinket hunting. The shops are open from 7:30am to 5:00pm; Mondays to Saturdays. The quantity of sellers settling in on Sundays relies upon the quantity of boats at moor.


Made essentially for voyage transport travelers, Havensight is strategically placed right close to St. Thomas’ head marina complex. The shopping region is the second biggest group of stores in all of St. Thomas, which comprises of Havensight shopping Center, Buccanneer Shopping center and the Port of Offer. In the event that you have your eyes set on modest gems, garments, fragrances, hardware, neighborhood and imported rum, this spot is without a doubt a safe house. At the point when boats are in port, the shopping center opens at 9am to 5pm consistently, including occasions. Shopping hours are from 10am-3pm in any case.

With the heap of stores, things and incredible reserve funds, the shopping choices at St. Thomas in the USVI are unending. Quite possibly of the best thing about shopping in the Virgin Islands is wrangling. Most family run stores couldn’t want anything more than to allow you to deal your direction to a deal, so consistently have your shopping clever on the prepared.

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